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Welcome to Ace of War

Hello recruit, Ace Of War is  home to the most advanced, realistic tactical laser tag combat. Be prepared to jump into the world of video games. With realistic  laser tag guns, virtual player accounts in which you can  level up. unlock new guns and ammo and track your statistics. Our arena is 6,500sqft, making it Grande Prairie's LARGEST activity arena.

About us

Ace Of War is a local business in Grande Prairie who recently opened as of January 2023, this tactical laser tag was founded and built from scratch by local business owner Jonathan Chabot. This project took Jonathan and his family over 2 years of planning and two months of construction.   "Our goal is to offer citizens of GP a new activity in which will bring our community closer together!"

laser tag

Ace Of War has teamed up with KOOLIOS to provide our community with a fun and diverse hangout spot for all ages, come grab an ice cream and play a game of laser tag in the same center!


Timothy Nesbitt

"There's something nostalgic about laser tag, it's comfort food. sure, it gets boring after a while but atleast it's the exact same as it has been for the last 30 yrs.. Or so I thought. Went to Ace of war this weekend, it spices up laser tag and gives a new experience for a new generation, what an awesome experience. Had an awesome time, 10/10 would recomend!

Physical Digital

"Really fun! Massive area, the guns even kick a little when you shoot. Call it a cardio day and go check this place out!"

Marcus Lee

"Like a video game''
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